Your entire universe just opened up.
Technology is radically transforming our understanding of periodontal disease, but it’s also changing how we utilize data. It’s a new world of data-driven possibilities. Technology and medicine working in partnership for more accuracy, safety, and speed than has ever been possible. This is Perio-Exec® v18, the newest release of the leading practice management software for perio practices. Starting with an optional groundbreaking Periodontal Treatment Record (PTR) module and a highly intelligent Scheduler that understands your day in excruciating detail, v18 is a world of powerful new capabilities that will transform your practice on a grand scale.
Take your practice to the cloud.
Whether you choose to work in the cloud or on-premise, Perio-Exec v18 is a game-changing new release that radically streamlines workflow across your entire practice. No matter where you are, you’ll have the power to assess potential drug interaction, monitor insurance eligibility, or track claims anywhere you have Internet access. And no matter how large or complex the practice, once-tedious tasks like generating letters and keeping your team on track are now automatic. Welcome to the new standard in formidable.
PTR: The digital practice you've been waiting for.
There are some things only a fully-digital practice can do. This is the power of Perio-Exec v18, the newest release of the leading practice management software for perio practices. With its optional fully-embedded Perio Treatment Record (PTR), v18 gives you reflex-like abilities like an automatic merge of your treatment data into letters. Vitals Monitors can be right there for you at all times, as are instantaneous drug interaction warnings. These are the new standards for precision, accuracy and safety for today’s most advanced perio practices.
Implant inventory as precise as implants themselves.
Perio-Exec v18 knows your practice right down to your implant inventory needs. The v18 implant inventory management module will tell you when you have too little or too much inventory. As a result, your practice stays lean, efficient, and properly stocked at all times. It’s one more way v18 optimizes your practice.
Introducing the 24x7 solution for receivables.
v18 is about all things faster, simpler, and safer, including how patients pay. Introducing the Perio-Exec ePayment portal engineered in partnership with Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE: GPN) and available 24x7 for all your receivables. Engineered to meet or exceed Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, the ePayment portal is powerful in 3 ways: it incorporates EMV (the so-called “chip”), end-to-end encryption, and tokenization. That’s why it’s already the solution of-choice for over 300,000 businesses and educational institutions each day. ePayment is just one more way v18 transforms today’s most advanced practices.
Features at the forefront of the forefront.
Perio-Exec v18 opens up a whole new world of powerful capabilities that dramatically transform workflow. This is the most advanced release yet of the leading practice management software designed for perio practices.
The plethora of powerful new Perio-Exec v18 features includes:
Detailed patient task tracking

Multiple monitor functionality

Multiple appointment books

Integration with major imaging devices

Multiple office capability

Multispecialty capability

scheduling with
appointment templates

Patient in office status

Point & Click Tx Planning

Perio Charting

Implant tracking

Graft, Abutment and
Membrane Detail reporting

All Reports Excel capable

Patient preference tracking

Customizable one-click
view of critical patient data

Cycle billing

Batch letters to a patient’s
medical team

Sophisticated referral system
and reports

Electronic Dental and Medical

PPO reporting

Multi-page document

Touch-screen capability


DSN Patient Appointment

Fully-embedded Periodontal
Treatment Record (PTR) module
with automated merging of
treatment data into letters

Integrated PTR with Vitals

Electronic Rx

PBHS TruForm online
registration (patient
demographics) auto-merges
into patient record

QuickBooks Refunds integration

Real-time insurance eligibility

Real-time claim tracking

Evening call list via iPhone

Online payment portal (Heartland)

Integrated credit card
processing (Heartland)

You’re in good company.
Perio-Exec v18 is more than outstanding practice management software. It is engineered to complement the technology stack found within today’s most advanced practices. You’ll find v18 integrates perfectly with over 55 industry-leading partners that are all leaders in their respective categories.
The list of integration partners that work with v18 continues to grow. The following is a partial list:
Digital Imaging:

Carestream Digital Imaging


CliniView XV


Dexis 10

Dexis Eleven

Dexis Integrator


Dolphin Imaging

DR Imaging


i-CAT Vision

Image FX

LED Dental

Lightyear Technology


Patient Gallery

Patterson Imaging

Pro Image

Prof Suni





VixWin / VixWin Platinum







Change HealthCare (Emdeon)

Decision Base



Florida Probe

Heartland Payment Systems


Lexi-Comp (included in
Perio-Exec v18)*

NEA Fast Attach

Panda Perio

Solution Reach (Appointment Reminders)

*Requires Software Support to be current.